Keeping your pets healthy starts right away, and one of the best ways to protect them from diseases is with vaccinations. We offer a wide range of cat and dog vaccinations in Maummelle. It’s important that when you first bring your new kitten or puppy home, you bring them in for their initial set of vaccinations. The veterinarian will follow up with immunizations in the future if they are necessary to maintain your pet’s defenses against a particular health concern.

Vaccines work by delivering a small dose of deactivated bacteria or viruses into your pet’s body. That dose will cause your pet’s immune system to develop antibodies to fight off that specific problem. Then if your pet is exposed to the same health issue in the future, he or she will be ready to fight it off right away and won’t have signs of the disease or illness.

Some of the most common vaccines for pets include rabies, distemper intestinal parasites, and heartworms.

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